Church-wide 4 Week Bible Study
Starting the week of June 13th 

After the disciples received the promise of the Holy Spirit, they were activated for Service! Service to the Lord and putting Jesus on display wherever they went and whatever they did! We want take an even deeper and more meaningful look at what it means to serve! Volunteering is one aspect, but it does not end there! We want to see what a life of service looks like and lives like!

Don’t just live. Live Spirit-empowered. Are you willing to serve, but aren’t sure how to get started? Or maybe you’ve been serving for years, but have never really experienced the Holy Spirit at work through you? The Serve study will take us beyond what we receive from the Holy Spirit to how we can give back as we serve others. Four sessions explore—

1. Give. Choosing to serve and use our talents for God.

2. Seek. Asking what God can do through us as we love others.

3. Thrill. Discovering that joy comes through serving.

4. Open. Keeping our eyes open to see people in need around us.

Are you ready?  Let’s Serve!

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