The Power of Jesus’ Names

Session 5 -Messiah and Savior


When Andrew said they had found the Messiah in John 1:41, he was talking about someone he had been looking for. We know this by Andrew’s use of the word found. If a person says they have found something, implied within that statement is that they were looking for something. In fact, it was not only Andrew who had been looking for the anointed one. It was all of Israel. The entire Old Testament was written in anticipation of the one to come who would fulfill the role of Messiah. This is known as the messianic hope. It is impossible to fully understand the Old Testament unless you also understand the messianic hope. Generation after generation after generation after generation looked forward to this promised person of God who would come not only for the Israelites, but who would come to impact the entire world through the establishment of the kingdom of God on earth. The person they looked for was the Messiah, known in Greek ( the language of the New Testament) as the Christ.


The concept of the Messiah was birthed in the promise that there would be one from the seed of a woman who would defeat Satan and fulfill the promises of God to his people. The role of Messiah involved three official distinctions for Jesus: Prophet, priest, and king.


Every problem in our lives is related to sin - either our own sin, someone else’s sin that has affected us, or an environment contaminated by sin. God’s judgement on sin was satisfied by the sacrificial birth and death of His Son. When we place our faith in Him. God cancels our debt, so we are now debt free before a holy God. Jesus’ role as Savior addresses all levels of what we truly need, because it is in addressing the spiritual need for forgiveness of sin that we find access to the strength, authority, and power required to overcome sin’s impact and influence in  our lives.


Video Highlights


  • Jesus brings the fulfillment of God’s promises into history

  • The name Jesus means “delivere” or “Rescuer,” and God’s eternal Son, Jesus Christ. Christ is not His last name, it is His role. Jesus the Christ came to rescue people from the consequences of sin.



To have Jesus Christ as your Messiah is not merely to have a Savior who takes you to heaven, but also to have an anointed one whole job it is to the Word of God, the presence of God, and the rule of God to you while you are living on earth. But that only takes place if He is your identity. How do you see yourself? How does God see you? How do you see others and how do others see you?