Session 4

"Debunking Racial Myths"



•The "curse of Ham" teaching which has been very damaging to the Church.

•Christian Blacks can take great pride in black leaders in the Bible including

•Jethro the priest of Midian, and father-in-law of Moses

•Zephaniah son of Cushi wrote a book of the Bible,

•Bathsheba was the mother of Solomon,

•Rahab from Jericho was the mother of Boaz

•Ruth from Moab was the great grandmother of David

•Nimrod was a nation builder but not a godly leader.

•In the New Testament,there was the Ethiopian eunuch,

•Black leaders in the church in Antioch.

•Early Church Fathers who were Blacks included Augustine and Athenasius.

•Lastly,he mentioned the wife of Moses whom God defended.


Setting the story straight:

1.Ham was not cursed, Canaan was.

2.Not all Canaanites were cursed.

3.Not more than 3 generations were cursed in the Bible.

4.Jesus' death on the cross ended every curse.

Icebreaker: Can you think of a myth that was later proven to be false?

Focus: To recognize that:

1. God created all men—regardless of race—equal and valuable in his sight, and thus we should see each other the same way and

2. The importance of studying and meditating on the whole Word of God—the Bible—to ensure we live in truth and not myths/lies.

Discussion Questions Session 4:

1. Share a belief that has been passed on to you or you have heard over the years with regards to another race that you since have found has no historical or factual merit?

2. Have you ever heard of the “Curse of Ham” teaching?

3. Imagine if the church had stood up and exposed the myth of Ham teaching 300 years ago. How do you think that could have changed history?

4. Dr. Evans mentioned a number of Bible heroes who were black. How does that impact your view of Blacks' contribution to our Christian heritage?

5. What part of church history are we missing due to racial bias?


Reflection: As you read and study Scripture, ask God to open your eyes as it relates to the variety of ethnicities in the Bible. Also, read a book about Christian minority contribution to the advancement of the gospel and/or to U.S. society.




Identify the ethnicities of the individuals listed below: Bible (Old and New Testaments)

· Nimrod (Gen. 10:9)         

· Zephaniah Moses’ wife

· Jethro                                          

· Ruth

· Bathsheba

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