The Power of Jesus’ Names

Session 4 -I Am And The Word


We read in John 1:14 how Jesus took on flesh and “dwelt among us.” The term dwelt in this verse  means “pitched His Ten.” Literally, the verse reads, “The Word became flesh, and (tented) among us.” Another synonym for tent is tabernacled. The audience to whom John was writing would have understood what he meant when He said the Word became flesh and became a living tabernacle among them. They knew that a tabernacle was set up with a unique, special place within, called the Holy of Holies. In this area of the tabernacle sat the Ark of the Covenant. On top of this ark were two golden cherubim that oversaw the mercy seat, where God’s presence dwelt. Inside the ark rested two tablets containing the Ten Commandments

(Exodus 25:10-22)


The Greek term for word is logos, it refers to an impersonal force and the sum total of all knowledge. John merged the concept of logos with the personal nature of God when he wrote, “The Word became flesh” (John 1:14). As the Word, Jesus communicates on behalf of God the Father.  He explains the Father not only through His actions while on earth, but also through His attributes and ongoing actions. Abiding in the written Word of God while keeping your mind focused on the living Word opens up a funnel through which God can deliver His power to you!

When Jesus identified Himself as I Am, He created great division and resistance toward Him among the Jews. In claiming this name as His own, He let everyone know that He truly is God. Jesus spoke to the Jewish leaders of His day, telling them not just to believe the words He said, but also to believe the signs and miracles He performed to back up those words (John 10:37-38). When Jesus raised Lazarus from the grave, He demonstrated His identity as I Am.


Jesus can still raise the dead today. It could be that you have experienced a death in your hopes, relationships, or another area of your life. The great I Am has the power to bring back to life what you thought was completely over.


Video Highlights


  • Jesus is the communicator for the Trinity and the communicator for Almighty God - The Word made flesh.  God Moved into our neighborhood in the person of Jesus Christ.

  • The Word of God is a sure Word, so Christ can be trusted! When you embrace the living Word , who oversaw  the writing of the written word, you’re embracing God’s word.



Resurrection power is fully available today. Maybe your resurrection hasn’t occurred because you haven’t moved the stone. Demonstrate that you believe Jesus is the I Am. Do what He has told you to do. Act in obedience, and let’s see what resurrection He brings in your life and in your circumstance. 

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