Session 3

"God is the Ultimate Independent"


•Humpty Dumpty revisited

•The failure of government intervention in bringing people together across racial/class lines

•We have allowed the politics of man to divide us racially.

•Political parties cannot usurp the roles that the people of the Kingdom of God have been uniquely called to.

•Joshua met the Captain of the Host of the Lord Joshua 5:13-15.

•God is not committed to Republicans or Democrats, but to himself, to his Kingdom.

•We must not allow the politics of men to interfere with the program of God.

•The government of this nation was wrong and the church authorized its wrongness. The unity of God's people is critical for the well-being of the nation.

•The example of abortion

•God wants us to define ourselves by his Kingdom. America needs the glory of God, not merely the votes of politicians and voters. If God is working for you, it really doesn't matter who you elect.

•Political affiliation of the Christian must be second to faith.

Ice Breaker: Have you had any conversations this week about race relations with someone of different race? How did it go?

Focus: To define myself as a Christian first and to recognize that I as a Christian must have God’s/Christ’s concerns utmost whenever I vote.

Discussion Questions Session 3:

1. Which of the key points of this message stick out to you?

2. Was there anything in this video that challenged you or convicted you?

3. How did you feel when Dr. Evans said that “It is time for God's people to make the statement that their party is second to their faith and their political affiliation is second to their commitment to Christ”?  Was that convicting or challenging?

4. What things would you like to see change in your personal life concerning God's Kingdom as it relates to racial harmony?  

Reflection: Read and pray over II Chronicles 5:11-14. (NIV)


​​Challenge: Reconciliation begins with listening. Talk with some of your friends who are from different cultural and/or racial backgrounds. Spend time listening to your friend's story, ask questions. Allow God to use you as an agent of active reconciliation.


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