Session 2

"The Kingdom of God Defines Us"



What color is God?

•The story of the Samaritan Woman in John 4

•In spite of what the culture said, Jesus elevated the spiritual above the race/culture.

•When you are willing to deal with a person's person you get quicker access to a person's soul and sins.

•Never let racial identity interfere with biblical truth.

•Paul's confrontation with Peter in Galatians 2.

•The preachers must get the truth right for the followers to get it right.

•The gospel is not only about how you get to heaven. It is about the unity that God gives to his people.

•Galatians 2:20

•Your identity is to be in Christ, not culture. As long as culture supports Christ, enjoy it. When culture diverts from Christ, your culture is wrong, not Christ.

​Ice Breaker: What is your earliest memory of racial differences?


1. To recognize that Christ and biblical truth always override racial identify and culture and

2. The importance of overcoming racial division/attitudes to truly see lives transformed

Discussion Questions Session 2

1. What are some key points concerning God's view of race from either the story of the Samaritan woman in John 4 or Paul's confrontation of Peter in Galatians 2?

2. What are your thoughts about Dr. Evans' statement that the gospel is not just about how to get to heaven, but about unity?

3. How do you relate to the idea that culture sometimes determines your actions more than your faith?

4. Read Revelation 5:9-10.  How does this scripture further inform you on God’s view of race and ethnicity?  

Reflection Question:  What message am I sending to others by how I view racial differences as a leader, a parent, friend, etc.?

“We often miss the person’s person and thus miss the opportunity to get access to a person’s soul and sins… When you are willing to deal with a person’s person, you get quicker access to [the person’s] soul and their sins. A lot of people want to deal with folks’ souls who don’t want to drink from their cup. We want to get them to heaven but not have to cross them on earth, and therefore what you do is block the Gospel and block the kingdom of God by illegitimate racial division. Jesus didn’t do that…” – Tony Evans  

Challenge:  Think of someone in your life that your culture tells you that you don't need to associate with.  Can you try to step over the barriers and reach out to that person this week?

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