Session 1

 "Embracing Racial Oneness"




The plague of racial divisions in the U.S. and in the Christian Church

•Operating from a Kingdom perspective and agenda

•Racial amalgamation vs. God's design: Not sameness but oneness

•Why is unity important?

•Jesus' high priestly prayer

•Solving the issue of unity by the Church

•Breaking down the dividing wall

•The process of emulsification

•The blood of Christ as the unifying agent


Icebreaker: What is a hard thing you've done before and were so glad you did?

Focus: To recognize the importance of oneness to operate/live from the perspective of God’s kingdom, and the beauty of ethnicities created by God.


Discussion Questions Session 1

1. Dr. Evans says the goal of racial unity is not sameness, but oneness. What does that mean to you?


2. Read Eph. 2:13-22. Dr. Evans used the analogy of the emulsifier in mayonnaise to discuss what unity means. Have you experienced real unity within diversity?


3. Dr, Evans said that the church is blocking the Glory of God by its division.  James 2:1-10 describes sinful discrimination in the early church that was strongly condemned.  How do we consciously or unconsciously discriminate?


4. Dr. Evans talked about how the Kingdom of God values our diversity more than our culture does. What does it look like to value diversity?


5. How would you like to see Christians speak out concerning racial oneness in the church and in society?

Reflection Question: What is preventing oneness; and how might we be personally preventing oneness?

Challenge: Would you prayerfully consider talking with someone outside this group about this topic? It could be a spouse, a friend, coworker, or other trusted person.

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