The Power of Jesus’ Names

Session 6 -Alpha And Omega



One of the first things we were taught when we started school, or even before then, was the alphabet. Parents, grandparents, and teachers seek to teach young children the alphabet as early as their first year of life. The reason why learning the alphabet is such an emphasized part of childhood is because knowing “A to Z” serves as the foundation upon which we can understand all words. Words depend on letters. Letters make words. These words then comprise our thoughts, and the communication of those thoughts becomes the bedrock for all knowledge…


Because we know how important language and words are, we will often use the phrase “from A to Z” to indicate the fullness of a task or topic. Now, what “A to Z” is in the English language, “alpha and omega” is in the Greek. Alpha is the first letter in the Greek alphabet and omega is the last. When Jesus lived on earth, He lived in a Greek-speaking world. He understood the significance of alpha and omega. Just as “A to Z” signifies the completeness of communication, fullness of knowledge, and clarity of thought, the phrase “alpha and omega” symbolized the same for the culture in which Jesus lived. Thus when He says He is the Alpha and Omega. He is declaring that He Himself is the complete knowledge base for all life. He is the entirety of all information. He is the answer to all questions. He is the sufficiency of all communication. He is the sum total of all that can be totaled.


Jesus followed up His claim to the name of Alpha and Omega by further identifying the scope of His existence and being. He did this by adding that He is “the first and the last” (Revelation 22:13). Essentially, no letter comes before Him, and no letter comes after Him. He is the first, last, and everything in between.


Video Highlights


  • Jesus keeps His promises. He will take you to the finish line--the finish line of life, finish line of ministry, the finish line of circumstances.

  • Jesus is the comprehensive statement, reflection, and manifestation of God.



Fixing your eyes on Jesus doesn’t mean you won’t have any challenges. It doesn't mean you won't have any problems. It means that the crucifixion of Friday becomes the resurrection of Sunday in your own life. God can take messes and create miracles.

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