Session 6

"The Key to Kingdom Oneness"


•Hurricane Katrina visit to New Orleans Failed levees

•The job of the church to restrict evil.

•The first mention of the Church in Matthew 16

•The function of the Church made up of individuals linked together to reflect and legislate the values of the Kingdom of God

•The Church as Heaven on Earth and the problem of the Church becoming just like the Earth

•Jesus' statement "I will build my Church". The keys are given to gain access.

•The purpose of the Church is the Kingdom, not the Church. Using the wrong keys will not work.

•The Church is the levee to keep Hell and Satan out.

•Unity is critical for the salvation of a nation. God has only given the Church access to him to overrule what the enemy is doing in society. The church as God's legislative body is very powerful and hell cannot stop it.


Icebreaker: Share a time when you acted as a levee for someone or some situation.

Focus:  To discuss the purpose of the Church and what this means for fighting the onslaught of evil, e.g., racial divide, and the salvation of a nation.

Discussion Questions Session 6:

1. Share your thoughts on the analogy Dr. Evans used of the church as a levee. What is the true purpose of the church?

2. Why did you choose to be part of a diverse, multiracial, multicultural church?

3. Have you taken advantage of the diversity by meeting and getting to know people of different races?

4. Does understanding the true purpose of the church and why oneness should be embraced convict you in any way? What will you do differently?

Reflection:  Ask yourself one of the following questions:

1. As a Christian, how can I help to hold back the sin of racial division, injustice, racism?

2. Do I know the purpose to which God has called me?

3. How am I representing the kingdom of God? Read 1 Peter 2:4-5, 9-11?

Challenge: Imagine what oneness would look like for you? Think this week about what are some next steps for you, for Crossroads Fellowship, for your workplace, and for our city.




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