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Our Story...


For 50 years Christ Chapel has remained dedicated to a mission of Reaching People, Teaching Biblical Truth and Unleashing Holy Spirit-filled Christians as witnesses to influencing the world.   


As a congregation devoted to loving Jesus, loving one another and loving life, we have maintained a continual commitment to the vision of our church and by so doing have been extremely effective in sharing with our community and beyond the hope and love found in Jesus. 

Today we rejoice not only in our accomplishments but also in the many people who have called Christ Chapel home during the past 50 years.  Building on their unwavering commitment to the vision and mission of our church, we step excitedly into the future knowing that our Lord will continue to guide and direct our steps as we walk faithfully with Him.

Throughout its history, our Lord has provided His church at Christ Chapel with many blessings and opportunities.   So much of what He has provided has led to our effectiveness in reaching our community with the unabashed message of the Gospel and in our making God’s presence and our own, known. 

In 1969 as a small contingent of people from the Arlington Assembly of God met to discuss the planting of a church in the Woodbridge/Dale City area, who could have imagined the awesome impact their faithfulness and actions would have on the future of Prince William County, Northern Virginia, Metropolitan Washington and the world?

Empowered by the Holy Spirit this small group led by Pastor Jerry and Laura Qualls, stepped out in faith to lay the groundwork for a church that in the years to follow would literally touch tens of thousands of people.  From this small beginning, big FAITH STEPS followed:

  • FAITH to purchase of property and construct the of the first worship center on Telegraph Road.

  • FAITH to purchase our current property on Smoketown Road in Woodbridge.

  • FAITH to sell the original Telegraph Road property and construct Phase 1 of our current campus. 

  • FAITH to enter into multiple additional expansion projects that include a sanctuary, chapel, educational facilities, and a Next Generation Worship Center.

  • FAITH to become a church that stands for and fosters the coming together of people regardless of race, national origin, or faith background.

  • FAITH to lead the organization and uniting of the Prince William County and Metropolitan Washington churches. 

  • FAITH to develop and implement compassion programs that have ministered and cared for thousands of needy, homeless, pregnant unwed teenagers and many others.

  • FAITH to develop and implement a comprehensive Christian Pre-School through High School Education Program (Christ Chapel Academy) that is recognized as the BEST Private School in Prince William County.

  • FAITH to tithe to works beyond our local community through MISSIONS.  Today Christ Chapel is ranked in the (top 1%) of all Assembly of God Missions Supporting churches.

  • FAITH to establish and conduct annual community outreach programs and events such as a major holiday (Easter and Christmas) that year after year have won acclaim throughout the metropolitan Washington area and brought thousands to Christ. 

  • FAITH to develop and implement higher-level ministerial education and training programs that have helped hundreds of men and women prepare for formal or workplace ministry.

  • FAITH to plant and nurture additional churches locally and around the world.

  • FAITH to follow Biblical Stewardship principles that have resulted in solid financial positioning for current and future operations and development. 


As you read the reports and summaries that follow of what has happened in this past year and what is planned for the future, be sure to take time to thank God and praise Him for what He has done and is doing.   As we enter into our next 50 years, my heart’s desire and prayer is that we would continue to be a church that REACHES People, TEACHES Truth and UNLEASHES Holy Spirit-filled Christians as witnesses to influence the world.  

There has been so much that has occurred in these first 50 years of Christ Chapel that gives us cause to be grateful and REJOICE.  However, the truth is, there is still so much more to do.  There are so many more to REACH, so many more to TEACH, and yes, so many more to UNLEASH.  Please join with us in praying that the next 50 years will achieve outcomes that far exceed what has occurred in the first fifty.


“To God Be the Glory”!

Blessings and Love in Christ,

Pastor Bill and Lynna

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Our Story...

Christ Chapel began as an extension campus of the Arlington First Assembly of God in early 1969.  Initially begun as a home fellowship group, the church gained traction and expanded with the appointment of Rev. Jerry and Laura as its first pastors.  The Qualls served Christ Chapel for seven years during which time the church grew and constructed its first sanctuary on Telegraph Road, Woodbridge.  It was also during his tenure purchased the site where the current church building is located a magnificent act of faith that has provided dividends beyond anything then imagined.

Upon their departure from the Woodbridge area in 1976, the Qualls were replaced by the late Pastor Gary Jenkins and his wife Charlotte.  Arriving during the height of the Charismatic movements of the 70’s,  the Jenkins captured the ongoing spiritual wave and directed the church through a time of growth and development of the current Smoketown Road property where they constructed a multi-purpose worship center/gymnasium which was completed in 1985.  After three years in the new facility, the Jenkins accepted an appointment in Cedar Rapids, Iowa and were succeeded in 1988 by current pastors, Bill and Lynna Roberts. 

Pastor Bill and Lynna during their decades at Christ Chapel have been blessed by continuous growth and expanded ministry impact.  They have overseen multiple building projects to include the construction of sanctuary followed by a second project which added additional classroom and ministry space.  A few years later a third project added state of the art college and science classrooms and the most recently completed project added a “Next Generation” worship center to better meet the needs of young families. 

Particularly noteworthy the Roberts era ministry has been the impact the church has had in nurturing unity amongst the Christian Community; its extensive investment in  global missions; its effectiveness in providing multiple levels of assistance to the hurting and marginalized;  its contribution to private Christian Education through the establishment of Christ Chapel Academy, a school that h has been honored multiple times as Prince William County’s finest private school; and its continual presentation of the full-gospel message through its regular services to all age groups and through the presentation of major productions depicting the life and sacrifice of Jesus Christ.  These are but a few of the contributions Christ Chapel has made to our community and the world since its inception.  There is no doubt that – The VISION was given over 50 years ago LIVES-ON!